Stop·Over: QC City Assessors Office Halloween Style

Prosthetic Make-up

Prosthetics is a medical term, the branch of surgery that deals with the replacement of missing limbs or organs with artificial substitutes. (www.freedictionary.com)

" Prosthetic makeup (also called FX prosthesis) is the process of using prosthetic sculpting, molding and casting techniques to create advanced cosmetic effects." - Wikipedia
There are many prosthetics make-up kits available online if you would like to create a realistic prosthetics. The kit includes, adhesives and latex for skins, blood, bald caps, brushes, etc which you could use on your next costume parties or yung halloween party nyo for next year (excited much?).


Since our office celebrated Halloween Special last Wednesday, the 31st of October, shempre hinde ako papahuli in creating my version of prosthetics make-up. I made fake wound prosthetics using some of the office supplies I found in my table such as, glue (Elmers), tissue, wedge sponge and my nyx make up palette.

with just a little creativity... TaDa!

My creations...

Model:  Mhag ( Facebook ; Twitter ; Tumblr )

Model: Jerome ( Facebook )

Model: Froilan ( Facebook )
**Note: I did the prosthetics wound on the forehead only and NOT the makeup. :-)

Model: Candy ( Facebook )
**Whole body prosthetics... hehe. Peace Candy Gurl :)
What do you think? :-)

Our office halloween decor...

Trick or treating at the Mezzanine with the OIC City Assessor, Mr. Rodolfo Ordanes a.k.a Boss O.

Trick or Treat @ Appraisal Division with Lexxie...

And the rest of the gang... :-)

Bye for now... Till" next Halloween Par-Tay! :-)