I was nominated for ARIEL KULAY PINOY AWARDS


Hi guys! This was my first online nomination (actually, my first ever nomination in my entire existence... hahaha!) I was nominated because someone sent entry and believed that I deserved to be recognized as the very first Ariel Kulay Pinoy Awardee.

Although I didn't win the 500k cash prize and the possible commercial breaks (tsk, sayang!) just by being nominated, I already feel a winner along with other nominees, coz ARIEL's main intent in creating this award was to share stories of inspiring individual, and encourage others to do the same and help their fellowmen. That was much more important than winning, right?

So here's my remarkable contribution and impact to my field of industry, my family and/or my community...
"The colors of Mey's uniform are lavender and blue. Lavender signifies her attraction to beautiful things and her high ideals while blue represents her excellence and wisdom.

Mey gives her best at work not to impress people but merely because she enjoys what she does. Many think that working in a government office makes you old, dull and boring. So Mey wants to redefine that perception by showing her passion for fashion, sharing her insights (in Real Estate) and at the same time, promoting Quezon City. 

Mey also works hard to improve her skills. She is one of the (only) two people in her office who took and passed the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Real Estate Appraiser Board Exam last 2011. 

Through writing (blogging) and going around to promote Quezon City, she is able to share its (QC's) mission of becoming an ideal community where people can live, work, and do business in a hospitable, progressive and peaceful environment. 

Furthermore, with her goal to inspire, touch and change other people’s lives, she has extended monetary assistance to Barangay Escopa for its medical mission. She also helped the street children in Barangay Central by feeding them last (every) New Year's Eve. She believes that though she may not be able to help everyone, at least she is able to help someone. 

Mey is an inspiration to many. No matter how small her contributions may be, touching someone's life in her own little way is already an achievement."

Anyways, let's all congratulate Mr. Garry Noriega a Firefighter who risks his life to save others' lives, he is the Grand Winner of Ariel Kulay Pinoy Award.

Congratulations kuya! (wow! close?!) hehe

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