How to be a VOLLEYBALL Supahstah!

by Mey Morales

1. Look Good

To be a Supastah you have to make people drawn to you, and the best thing to do is to prettify (if there is such a word) yourself, so when you're out there in the court, even if you are "not that good" in volleyball, keri lang, kasi you still look AH - MEY - ZING! ;-)

Confidence is one of the factors to be a good volleyball player, it's also a powerful attractant, by looking good your confidence level increases as well.
yun oh! ang pretty daw???! hehe

2. Stay Cool, Calm and Collected

Be cool, calm and collected though you feel otherwise, more so, after seeing how your opponent striked to spike the ball and BOOM!!!

Don't fall into that trap girl... RELAX!

Even if you think that the ball will hit your face any minute soon, you still have to maintain an air of effortlessness. The best players are the ones who can make everything look effortless.
anyare? eportlessss???

3. Take HAPPY pictures with the Team

Not only that the photo serves as a remembrance when you look back on the things you did after 88 years, it also goes to show how happy you are with the team, and kahit na you're not really included in the picture, umepal ka lang sa tabi, it will still show that you're one with them.

Most people engage in sports due to the fun and enjoyment of playing. If you are having fun in the game and your team, you will be enthusiastic to train and play. Teamwork, a massively important factor of success in volleyball.

4. Get a COACH

To be a volleyball supahstah you must get a coach. A coach that will train your visual skills, concentration and ability to move effectively.


The coach will wear the ultimate PEKPEK shorts, yung tipong sa sobrang iksi mapupulmonya na yung kuyukot nya, by doing so, you’ll  be able to learn not to be distracted by anything (kahit dumidilim ang paningin mo) just mind the ball. Focus. Focus. Focus. Improve your ability to focus and ignore any distractions, you'll be able to play better volleyball.

5. Give your Best

When you're on the court, be the best that you can be at all times. Treat every game like the last game of your life, release all your worries, fears, concerns and doubts, no matter how tough your opponent can be, just give your best shot and show your true potential.

A volleyball supahstah knows how to attack, as ATTACK is the most spectacular skill in volleyball. So if you wanna see an attack mode, panigurado hindi eto yun.       

6. Play Hard

Play hard but don't play too hard. Don't overdo it, the key is BALANCE then just enjoy the game.

To be a volleyball supahstah you need to send over tough serves that stay in bounds to help your team. 
(the photograph below illustrates tough service... RAWRRR! LOL)

Service is the cornerstone of quality play for a  volleyball player, kaya bigay todo na and gandahan ang serving kasi it may be your last...
Me: bola, pasok ka naman pleaseeeeeee....!

7. Support

See, I told you, hataw na ng bonggang-bonga sa service kasi nga yun na ang una't huli..

After a minute of playing inside the court and the coach asked you to sit on the bench for the entire duration of the game, (yung tipong kakapasok mo palang sa laro pinalabas ka na agad) don't be upset. When that happens, rather than being dismayed, might as well have an active participation while on the bench. Being unhappy can be detrimental to your team, so just boost your team's morale, keep a positive vibes and have fun.
kakapasok lang, labas agad? basag ako dun ah...

8. Never Quit

If you didn't win any single game in the tournament, NEVER LOSE HOPE. Just continue doing what you have started, find people who have the same passion as yours and recruit them to help you. Achieving goal begins with passion, passion fuels drive, so be driven to act with passion, you may not realize all that you have to offer at present, but sooner or later, you can start a movement that will change the world! (Wow oh! Ang Bigat! Movement to change the world agad? nde ba pwedeng kulang lang sa praktis kaya nde nanalo?)

Taken from the famous American Creed, "The most important thing is not winning, but taking part in the game." If you didn't win the first time, there's always a second or third or fourth and more! As long as you are alive you have the choice to keep trying until you succeed. 

9. Practice

Practice with your team mates at least twice or thrice a week or as much as possible to improve your skills.

Don't just sit in front of the TV all day, practice and get some exercise.
Don't just stand there in the court... Practice!
Don't just do pa-cute pose... Practice!
Don't just text... Practice!
Don't just hold the ball... Practice!

By practicing the "right way" you'll be able to achieve your maximum performance and play better.

10. Ambition, Motivation and Determination

To live life fully, you gotta have ambition or something that you really want to accomplish. Your ambition will be your motivation or your driving force to work towards your goal. Together with motivation is your determination or your decision to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.
Recipe for Success: Ambition, Motivation and Determination.

With all of these attitudes combined you'll be a volleyball supahstah in no time.  ;-)

Ansaaavheeeh sa mga posing???!


Always treat yourself right, one way to do that is to be healthy and when it comes to your HEALTH don't be lazy even if you are busy. No matter what sports you choose, be it volleyball, basketball or soccer???

Remember that your ultimate goal is to be physically, emotionally and mentally healthy.

Sports. More fun in Quezon City!


I was nominated for ARIEL KULAY PINOY AWARDS


Hi guys! This was my first online nomination (actually, my first ever nomination in my entire existence... hahaha!) I was nominated because someone sent entry and believed that I deserved to be recognized as the very first Ariel Kulay Pinoy Awardee.

Although I didn't win the 500k cash prize and the possible commercial breaks (tsk, sayang!) just by being nominated, I already feel a winner along with other nominees, coz ARIEL's main intent in creating this award was to share stories of inspiring individual, and encourage others to do the same and help their fellowmen. That was much more important than winning, right?

So here's my remarkable contribution and impact to my field of industry, my family and/or my community...
"The colors of Mey's uniform are lavender and blue. Lavender signifies her attraction to beautiful things and her high ideals while blue represents her excellence and wisdom.

Mey gives her best at work not to impress people but merely because she enjoys what she does. Many think that working in a government office makes you old, dull and boring. So Mey wants to redefine that perception by showing her passion for fashion, sharing her insights (in Real Estate) and at the same time, promoting Quezon City. 

Mey also works hard to improve her skills. She is one of the (only) two people in her office who took and passed the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Real Estate Appraiser Board Exam last 2011. 

Through writing (blogging) and going around to promote Quezon City, she is able to share its (QC's) mission of becoming an ideal community where people can live, work, and do business in a hospitable, progressive and peaceful environment. 

Furthermore, with her goal to inspire, touch and change other people’s lives, she has extended monetary assistance to Barangay Escopa for its medical mission. She also helped the street children in Barangay Central by feeding them last (every) New Year's Eve. She believes that though she may not be able to help everyone, at least she is able to help someone. 

Mey is an inspiration to many. No matter how small her contributions may be, touching someone's life in her own little way is already an achievement."

Anyways, let's all congratulate Mr. Garry Noriega a Firefighter who risks his life to save others' lives, he is the Grand Winner of Ariel Kulay Pinoy Award.

Congratulations kuya! (wow! close?!) hehe


Kyusi Street Style 1st GIVEAWAY!!!

Spread the love with ZALORA!

Recently,  I've been super duper busy juggling work (nakz!), studies (yun oh!), sports, blogging and motherhood (Ako na!) haha. Hence, I made friends with ZALORA - my perfect online shopping buddy! 

The convenience of buying at ZALORA had saved me from consuming a great deal of time as compared to doing conventional shopping. 

This is not a paid advertisement (but it should be!) haha, yun oh, para-paraan. J 

Anyhow, what’s good about my friend ZALORA is that you can shop anything from its wide array of shoes and fashion products 24/7 at the comfort of your home or without leaving your office desk just like what I did! (**Note: make sure you do online shopping during lunch breaks! whew )

I am totally obsessed with shoes, so when my friend, ZALORA, presented me its fantastic selection of shoes, with a click of a mouse, I proceeded to check out FOUR PAIRS of affordable ones. The shopping experience was uncomplicated, the shipping fee is free nationwide and it was delivered  to me right at my office desk the next day. Don't have credit card? No worries, ZALORA offers COD cash-on-delivery! So saan ka pa?!

This is the first pair of shoe I bought, I wore this on my previous post 14th Stop: Eastwood City. (I will reveal the other three pairs one by one on my next posts.) 

I am spreading love with ZALORA...


3 codes worth Php150  off and 2 codes worth 10% off on your purchase, a total of 5 voucher codes. Just so you know, the150 pesos off and 10% discount are a lot already, especially that ZALORA has myriad of affordable choices to begin with. If you want to be one of the 5 people who will get ZALORA discount codes, all you have to do is...

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Good luck and happy shopping!




Maria Clara Street's LOCATION is in Barangay Sto. Domingo, District 2 of Quezon City.

The origin of the street name came from the heroine in Noli Me Tangere, a novel by José Rizal.

The LOCATION where I took photos in Maria Clara Street is a busy road as it is near Banawe Avenue. The street is also a high profile LOCATION  since it is lined with an array of well-known restaurants and spas, among them are:

Tazza Cafe
Zense of Joy Spa
Genki Car Spa
Hong Kong Famous Street Food
Hanobe Restaurant
(photo taken while we were eating in Hong Kong famous street food)

Do you know that in Real Estate, "Location, Location, Location" is a saying you will hear over and over. It is repeated three times to put emphasis that the demand for real estate is greatly affected by location. The fact that real estate is IMMOBILE (you cannot move real estate or even your house since it is attached to the land) makes it vulnerable to the effects of its surroundings, so EVEN A PROPERTY that is NOT ATTRACTIVE will GAIN IN VALUE if it is in the right location.


Its really MORE FUN and you're in the RIGHT LOCATION when you're in QC!

as for my Maria Clara Street Style...
ASIAMED is right across Genki Car Spa

We stopped by ASIAMED for my mom's acupuncture treatment before heading to Ace Hardware in SM North to buy some stuff. I wore my high-waist distressed shorts and paired it with flowy top, para there's a balance on the upper and lower portion of my body. And for a more relaxed look I wore Fitflops.

Dolce & Gabbana sunnies; Top bought from Greenhills; Distressed High-Waist Shorts; Aldo bangle; Fitflop Floretta in Bronze; Louis Vuitton Pochette Plate Brooklyn Messenger Bag





Colour Crazy

Eastwood City is a 16-hectare mega community built by one of the largest property developers in the Philippines, Megaworld.
photo borrowed from sulit.com.ph

Eastwood City is located along C-5 road, District 3, Barangay Bagumbayan Quezon City. A commercial-residential-entertainment-shopping-recreational city located at the center of a progressive metropolis.

Do you know that Eastwood City is a pet-friendly shopping and residential area?

You’ll be happy to know that Eastwood welcomes your fuzzy friends in the neighborhood and even inside the malls. However, to ensure safe, enjoyable environment and pleasurable shopping experience for all, of course, there are few basic rules to follow, its like the dogs and their owners must adhere to the Canine Code of Conduct at all times. 

To know more about EASTWOOD CITY Click Here!

Since Eastwood is surrounded with high rise buildings, do you know that there's such a thing called AIR RIGHTS?

as defined by Learning Express, "AIR RIGHTS is the right to use the open space above a particular property."

Hence, a property owner can SELL, LEASE, or DONATE their air rights to other parties (subject to laws and restrictions) and still OWN the LAND.

just so you know... J

So if you want a place to work, live, and enjoy entertainment and leisure OR be in one of the COOLEST SPOTS in QC go to Eastwood

It’s more fun to HANG OUT with friends and family in QC!

as for my EASTWOOD CITY street style...

I opted to wear different colors and played it with style J 

I just picked out this green sleeveless top in my closet and tried if it will match with the outfit… and it did! Whew! (whaddyathink?)

I wore my comfy color block sandals which I bought online from  ZALORA  and matched it up with my yellow cardigan.

Since Im already into colour-statement, thus, I kept my accessories subdued so as not to compete with my outfit, watch and earrings are just enough.

Off beat colours of green, yellow, blue and red for a fun loving woman :)

hala... cge... takbo! & why did you put ur shades in there alexiz??? tsk tsk tsk :)

yun oh! ayaw paawat ni lexxie
me and mini me :)

GIVENCHY Sunnies;  ZARA Cardigan; green sleeveless top; belt from Thailand; Op Shorts,
FOLDED&HUNG Color Block Wedge - purchased online via ZALORA; KENNETH COLE Two-Tone Link Strap Watch; COACH Poppy Bag