Filipinos and the Flood

HATS OFF to all the rescuers who bravely saved their fellow Filipinos during the recent calamity that hit the Philippines last August 7. Two years after the devastating Ondoy we were once again struck by another catastrophic flood due to unceasing rainfall which claimed so many lives and destroyed millions worth of properties. However, we Filipinos will surely manage to cope up with these tragedies and misfortunes.

They truly deserve an award for wearing their uniform with pride!

History will tell that Pinoys are known for their resilience amidst adversities. Pinoys will always find ways to find joy in spite of the torrential rains and massive flood. Hence, the photos will tell how Filipino humors persist to make light of an otherwise terrible situation.

**Photos compiled from social media and internet sites.

the photo says it all

Presidential Car



Indeed, "Dora is everywhere, she's an explorer."

What a good idea!

tsk, tsk, tsk...

Tourists having fun in the flood

Dota paden???

wOw teh, beki-rena lang ang peg :)

Jetskiing in Tondo, asteeeeg!

Even DISASTERS will never let our BRAVERY, CREATIVITY and SPIRITS down – Proud Pinoy

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